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Latest Patch News

Issue #1

Actually, it was never released... But you won't miss anything. It's a magazine that only expands, not replaced. Thanks for the patience and waiting!

Combat Knife

The Knife made it possible for us to make a new set skill. "Grenade Rain"! Equip the M16, Colt and Knife... We've also added a another secret set skill, "Kill Shot".

(Have you found the Gangster skill?)

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Military Rifle

A great weapon for taking out a lot of Zombies from far away! The scope has an emissive red

crosshair for picking out Zombie at night.

You can now watch video ads on your device to earn more coins for all your expensive equipment. You can find it in the menu bar where you select which level to play. You will also reward us with coins to continue developing the game!

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