We listen to our players feedback and requests and tries to improve and fix as much as we can! The development never stops and we'll continue to expand the Last Hope universe as fast as we can...

Patch 4.6

We've updated all our GUI / HUD elements and the game should run much faster now. We've optimized and fixed a lot of bugs! No extra content this time though. :-(

Patch 4.5

More is more! and hopefully better. We've added a couple levels in the start of the game to smooth the difficulty curve. We've also added more levels later in the game. So please check them out. One new weapon and two new hidden skills are added. You have the chance of trying out one of them on the Sunset level.

Patch 4.2

In this patch we introduced the ability to toggle between different aim modes for your weapon. With the Hunting Rifle, you can now shoot from your hip and with your sidearm you can now look down the gun and shoot. It's a great way of getting a better overview with your rifle and it's very fast to toggle between the different modes.

Patch 4.1

The world will never be the same. Where does the crystal come from? Is it the earth fighting back? Is it unknown artifacts coming from space? We can't find the answers right now, right now we have to fight! The Zombies are getting stronger, faster and far more dangerous.


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